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What we do in life echoes in eternity...

Code of Conduct

  • Bushido -The code of honor and behavior from the Japanese samurai class, emphasizing self-discipline, courage, and loyalty

Players who have left our clan or are wearing UNAUTHORIZED TAGS will be VOTED OUT OF OUR ROOM...PERIOD, NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

  • When conditions warrant and leadership orders, ALL active players will VOTE OUT OF THE ROOM any individual not welcome.
  • Teamwork is the primary function of effective tactical operations. The new game REQUIRES teamwork to be successful.
  • We are supposed to SUPPORT each other's gameplay. You should help those who are struggling with their game.
    • If you are unable to help your clan brothers,  KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT!!! 
  • We are ALWAYS interested in recruiting players. We DO NOT go to other clans tryout rooms to recruit, EVER.
  • Gliching is UNAUTHORIZED.
  • I.C.U. members DO NOT team kill. It is NEVER sanctioned.
  • Com units are to be kept open during gameplay. Game play commentary needs to be used for STRATEGY communication, not FREE CONVERSATION.
    • Free communication is reserved for the DEAD ROOM ONLY.
    • Membership who violate our Code of Conduct are to be VOTED OUT OF THE GAME.