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Clan War detail...

The subject has been brought up and I think this information SHOULD help

1. Clan Wars are no longer just a let's go get a war process. The new game has "ladders" that must be joined in order to PROPERLY war.
2. The roster leader is the ONLY person that should be challenging and scheduling for Clan Wars.
3. ONLY the members of the roster that challenged or has been challenged can go to that war. It is not like before, just collecting a crew and warring.
4. The system will prompt EVERY member of that roster that is online. You then can choose to war or not by answering YES or NO. You will then be TRANSPORTED to the War Room that is created by the computer.
5. If you change your mind, go to COMMUNITIES, LADDERS, EVENING LADDER, MY SCHEDULED WARS, It should show you our scheduled wars and prompt you to join the current running events.
6. The roster that competes and wins advance UP or DOWN depending on the outcome of the war

It is important that the MAXIMUM number of players show up to a war.


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